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Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles 16oz

$9.99 USD


Looking to add some fiery flavor to your snacks and sandwiches? Look no further than our Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles! Made with premium cucumbers and a unique blend of natural spices, these pickles are the perfect combination of sweetness and heat.

Handcrafted in small batches, our pickles are sliced and pickled to perfection. Each jar is carefully made with love and attention to ensure the highest quality and freshness. A mouthwatering crunchy taste awaits you with every bite.

What sets our Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles apart is the addition of spicy habanero peppers. They add an extra kick that will leave your taste buds tingling in delight. Get ready to experience a burst of flavor!

  • Spice up your favorite dishes: These pickles are a zesty twist that can be added to burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and more. Elevate your meals with a touch of heat and crunch.
  • The perfect snack: If you love a little heat in your snacks, our Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles are the answer. Enjoy them straight from the jar or pair them with cheese and crackers for a tasty treat.

Our goal is to provide you with a sweet and spicy flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Our Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles are the ultimate blend of tanginess, crunch, and spiciness. They are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and add some excitement to your meals.

Don't miss out on this flavor-packed experience. Order your jar of Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles today and get ready to indulge in the perfect balance of heat and sweetness!

  • Category: Spicy Pickles
  • Size: 16 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lisa Goforth (Texas, United States)
Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles

Best bread and butter pickles I have ever eaten.


an absolute home run of a pickle! perfectly balanced spice and sweetness, I ate the whole jar in a couple of days. would 100% buy again!


Typical pickles are one of the best pickles I have ever had. There has not been one type yet I haven’t loved!!