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Pickle Ornament!

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Pickle ornaments are a delightful and quirky holiday tradition that has found its way into many homes around the world. These unique, glass-blown ornaments are shaped like pickles and often adorned with glitter or other festive decorations. The tradition associated with these ornaments involves hiding the pickle ornament within the branches of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

The next morning, as the family gathers to celebrate Christmas, the search for the hidden pickle begins. The person who finds the pickle ornament is said to receive an extra dose of good luck for the coming year and is sometimes awarded a special treat or a small gift. This whimsical tradition adds an element of surprise and excitement to the holiday festivities, as family members embark on a cheerful quest to spot the hidden pickle.

The origin of the pickle ornament tradition is a subject of debate, with various legends claiming different cultural roots. Some stories attribute it to German heritage, suggesting that the pickle was a symbol of good luck and was hidden on Christmas trees for children to find. Others claim a more commercial origin, tracing the tradition back to the 19th century when Woolworth stores began selling glass pickle ornaments.

Regardless of its origins, the pickle ornament tradition has become a cherished and lighthearted addition to many holiday celebrations. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and joy as families engage in the spirited search for the hidden pickle, creating lasting memories and bringing an extra touch of whimsy to the festive season.