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Social Media Promoter Application

Thank you for you interest!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a social media promoter for Typickle Pickles LLC! We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to spreading the word about our delicious pickled products. Please read the following information carefully and complete the application form below.

About Typickle Pickles LLC:

Typickle Pickles LLC is a renowned ecommerce store specializing in a variety of delicious pickled products. Our commitment to using premium ingredients and small-batch production ensures that every jar of Typickle Pickles is of the highest quality and freshness. We take pride in offering unique and flavorful snacks that are perfect for snacking or adding a twist to your favorite dishes.

Responsibilities of a Social Media Promoter:

As a social media promoter for Typickle Pickles LLC, your main responsibility will be to promote our pickled products on various social media platforms. This includes creating engaging and informative content, such as posts, stories, and videos, that highlight the unique flavors and uses of our pickles. You will also be responsible for engaging with our followers, answering their questions, and encouraging them to try our products.

Please fill out the form below and hit submit you will receive an email confirming your status shortly.